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What Are The Basic Wedding Decorations?

September 26, 2019

Event management is a work which demands passion. A person, who wants to do all these management with all his heart, plans the best event. Wedding is the best moment of any person’s life. Which he remember all his/her life. People recall every event, every moment of their wedding when they are in a good mood. Wedding planning with creative ideas is a little bit tricky because in all this planning the planner has to take care of expenses, budget and the demand of client as well. There are o many things just for the styling of a wedding day. So many clients ask for things we never thought of having them but for client’s happiness and satisfaction, we deliver just as they want. 

There are a few things which are necessary for every wedding. 


The lightening at any wedding styling in northern beaches makes it more beautiful, attractive, cool and pricey too. The installation of lights at heights needs perfection and a lot of time too. So people who are going to work on lights have perfect experience in their work.  

Time management: 

All the installations and management everything demands proper time. No one can cover things in short periods of time like a Genie. It will take some time, a day or maybe some hours, to produce the best place for a wedding. The wedding setup is not a piece of cake. To make it more beautiful and more memorable the team has to work within a time scale without any flaw. 

Arrangement of the marquee: 

Building up setup and transforming old spaces into new beautiful places with new ideas, this is what happens when we style wedding decorator in blue mountains. With setting up a marquee many other things also need to get hire like, tables, chairs and other seating arrangements. Everything is available in here our setting. Marquee arrangement is the basic task, according to the guest list, we arrange a marquee and all other seating arrangements as well. 


People at wedding sometimes don’t have any place to get rest and to feel comfortable, after the main event of wedding ceremony. Some old guests, partners, fellows need to settle down after a long day. At that time they need couch, chairs and other seating arrangements. All these things are basic units of a wedding. People don’t want to stay standing up around the cake table and gift table, they will find a comfortable couch to sit and get relax. After that seating people will go for a dance and other formalities. 


The most important and common thing about any wedding is budgeting. We can do every type of wedding arrangement but for this, the client has to tell us about the exact budget, day and time because any type of arrangement demands a lot of timing. We create things by the direction of the couple because we want to make their special day memorable for their whole life so, every arrangement or plan will be executed after the discussion with a couple. 


Lightning makes every wedding perfect but in case of low lighting and day time decoration demands more time and effort. Table setting and arrangement including flowers, candle vase and other decorative items are important to make the arrangement beautiful. wedding-planner.jpg