Quality And Variety Of Products At Gift Factory

August 5, 2019

Gift factory is an Australian owned company that specializes in classical products which can be used as a traditional gift for special occasions, further they allow the buyer to customize their products according to their needs and occasions.

Gift factory special product is wine glasses and wine barrels for sale Gold Coast which are one of best classical gift to be given on any occasion whether it’s a birthday or engagement, the antiqueness of this product can drool anyone away. The Gift factory offers a range of wine glasses depending on the size, material, and design. The capacity of each glass offered by the gift factory is 550 milliliters which are a standard size. The glasses can be bought in a pair of 2 in a special box which is quite appropriate for a gift. Wine glasses can be customized according to the occasion allowing the buyers to engrave their name, established year and name of the special events, Likewise the wooden box that they come in can also be engraved with the same words. Each glass has a 100mm of a stem which gives enough space for a drinker to hold the glass smoothly. The glass used in preparing the wine glasses is polished lip suggesting the quality of the wine glasses.

Another common product of the Gift factory is corporate logo design beer mug, as the name suggests it also just like a previous product allows the buyers to customize their cups by embossing their logos, titles and names according to their preference. However, a custom design can take 1 extra day but can be delivered without any extra charges. The wood used in making this mug is called Oakwood which is a very fine quality of wood. It has a stainless steel lining which helps keep the food safe from everything for a longer period and helps keep cooler things cooler. It has a radius of 9 cm at the top and 11 cm of the bottom radius. The capacity of each mug is 500 milliliters and is perfect for a gift to anyone occasions like Xmas and weddings.

Another product range of gift factory includes coffee barrel which again gives the choice to a buyer to emboss any logo of their choice. The standard size of this barrel is 400 milliliters of coffee or any other drink. The good thing about this barrel is that it can also be used as a container to store sugar and biscuit jar. The barrel is handcrafted while maintaining its class and antique style. The wood used in the production of this barrel is called paulownia that releases and breath the gasses that roasted coffee beans emit. The height of the barrel is 180mm with a radius of 130mm. Check this link to find out more details.